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Greetings to all the hip-hop enthusiasts out there! At The Z1, we make it our mission to showcase the best independent artists from all over. Feel free to explore our links, listen to some amazing tunes, and browse through our playlists. We guarantee that you'll stumble upon some truly extraordinary creations in our collection.

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  • Jordan Looney - "Let It Vibe" 2023
    On Sale
    Jordan Looney - "Let It Vibe" 2023

    $1.50 Regular price $2.00

  • Jordan Looney - "Fresh 2 Death" 2023
    Jordan Looney - "Fresh 2 Death" 2023


  • The Musical Eye!

    Jordan Looney - Business strategy and client development for TheZ1 LLC. Jordan has spent 12 years working in media analytics for multiple Fortune 500 companies and has had a huge impact on what he offers to our clients. Jordan has an eye for new musical and visual art talent and helps them create strategic media development plans. He has been vital to growing partnerships to further build collaborations with other businesses and artists.

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