· By Elliot Looney


Vests, jackets and hats once classified as a "working class" uniform have recently transcended "blue collar" and found a home in contemporary streetwear. 

In a sea of all black textiles, tech clothes and high-end materials; Hi-Vis bucks those trends. Comfortably seated in the 21st century zeitgeist, Hi-Vis is represented everywhere from Main street job sites to Milan's cat walk. 


At TheZ1 we are inspecting the crossroads of the Hi-Vis functionality within the context of working class apparel and the visceral response that these color pallets can have on the eye of the beholder. These colors are brighter than ever, irresistibly eye catching and easily accessible to anyone near a hardware store. 

We love that Hi-Vis has transcended it's function as a visual safety tool into high fashion and playful streetwear and buddy, we're here for it. 

~ Alek Hipp-Faragher
   Contributing Editor