· By Elliot Looney

Heard about this; Snapchat 523?

Jordan did it again! 

The Z1 Production Lab has begun it's collaboration with Snapchat! Check this out: https://523.snap.com/en-US/about

Basically, this partnership will highlight the work of the Z1 for the coming year with a focus on black content.

What does that mean for us? We have yet to fully grasp the full scope of the 523 program. Since we have so many projects in the hopper it is clear that Snapchat picked the right guys for the job. From Elliot's newest collection of paintings to Jordan's newest bars; Snapchat has no idea what's coming.

The Gallery is coming along wonderfully, The Cedar Cypher pop up was a hit and we have our sights set on Art Basel next. 

We're most excited to have our first 1 on 1 with Snapchat so we can begin to wrap out heads around all the components of program.